about me

My research focuses on contemporary poetry and visual culture and how those works remember, or 'take up,' the history of chattel slavery in the Caribbean and the Americas. My work is informed by Black feminist theory, postcolonial theory, and archival theory. For the AY 2021-2022 I will be a Humanities Center Fellow, the year's theme is "Reckonings," I will work on my dissertation "Luminous Black: On Making Time, the World, and the Self in Black Women’s Poetry."

I am a member of the team over at the Early Caribbean Digital Archive, where I act as a Acquisitions and Metadata Lead. I am also the digital humanities editor for Insurrect!, an online publication dedicated to radical thinking in Early American studies. Recently, I have been awarded a fellowship at GBH (formerly WGBH), where I work as an assistant on a number of different projects that develop educational material and programming.

I am also a dedicated educator my pedagogy is compassion and justice-oriented, and I believe in working closely with my students to create educational plans that ensure their success.

I also enjoy cooking, perfume making, and spending time with my tortoiseshell cat Mary-Cleo. You can find me on Twitter @alanna_prince, where I try to strike balance between sharing important scholarship and my very strong opinions on popular culture.

CV available upon request